Newborough Parish Council

Newborough Parish Council is made up of seven elected members who live/and or work within the Parish, to include the Chairman and Vice Chairman, and a Parish Clerk, who oversees all administrative issues and serves the Council.

Council meetings are formal events and include a public forum at which members of the public may comment or ask questions. They are usually held on the first Monday of the month - other than on Bank Holidays and in August when there is no meeting - at 7.30pm in The Jubilee Room in the Church, They have a clear purpose to make decisions and are officially minuted by the Parish Clerk and discuss many issues, briefly summarized below:

  • Planning, Highways & Traffic calming issues


  • Maintenance of parks & public open spaces


  • Street lighting


  • Street cleaning & Litter patrol


  • Rights of way ie. keeping public footpaths accessible

  • Supporting community events and groups within the village.

A Parish Notice Board can be found in the centre of the village and is kept up-to-date on any topical issue. Parish Council documents including approved minutes are available to view here. 

The Parish Council is always open to new ideas or suggestions and welcomes any help or support.


Should you wish to contact the council please do not hesitate to contact the Chair, Vice Chair or Clerk on the numbers provided below.  

Current Councillors are:


Cllr. Nick Clarke

07958 221939

Special responsibilities: Play park, Village Maintenance, Grass Cutting, Christmas Lights


Vice Chairman:

Cllr. June Bullingham 

07906 891842

Special responsibilities: Community Grants, Highways, BKV.



Cllr. Deanne Bell

Special responsibilities: Defibrillator, Community Grants, BKV, Well Dressing, School Liaison, Christmas Lights

Cllr Alison Fletcher

Special responsibilities: NPC Newsletter, Public Footpaths, Website, Asset Register.

Cllr Chris Ward

Special responsibilities: Play park, Village Maintenance, Grass Cutting, Defibrillator, Public Footpaths

Cllr Ron Skipper

Special responsibilities: Public Footpath, Asset Register

Cllr Vicki Gould

Special responsibilities: Highways, Banking Reconciliation


Parish Clerk:


Charlotte Holmes – 07950776987 -



County Councillor:

Julia Jessel – 01543 473671 –


Borough Councillor:

Laura Beech – 07837323029 -