Needwood CoE (A) Primary School

History of the School

Newborough in 1834 had a population of 760 and it is thought that at this time there were three schools. One built in 1812, a free school for 30 girls. Mrs. Kirkpatrick Hall, wife of the squire who lived at Hollybush Hall, generously supported this school, providing each pupil with a dinner every Sunday and a new dress at Easter.“The school for ‘young ladies’ was for approx. 34 daughters of villagers who could afford to pay for their girls’ education. A Church school for boys, which was built by subscription, had provision also made for twelve free scholars. It is this school that our village children attend today.“


The schoolmaster lived in a thatched cottage next to the school, but in 1891 the new school house was built and it is generally thought that the village well was moved at the same time, to allow space for the new school house. The boys joined with the girls in September 1876, and since that time many structural alterations have taken place.


In the 1970’s this school was threatened with closure so that in1974-75, parents and villagers were very active in protesting against the Education authorities’ summary action. Eventually, by dint of closing Hoar Cross and Hanbury Schools in 1984-85 and bussing their pupils to Newborough, our All Saints school was saved - but by two villages’ loss. The name of the school also changed and, after some controversy, it became Needwood C.E. (A) Primary School. The school was extended twice in the early years of the 21st century.