Newborough's Neighbourhood Development Plan

Neighbourhood Planning is a central government initiative introduced by the Localism Act 2011
and recognised in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in March 2012. The aim of
the legislation is to empower local communities to use the planning system to promote
appropriate and sustainable development in their area. Neighbourhood Development Plans
(NDPs) must be in conformity with the Local Planning Authority’s (LPAs) Development Plan, and in the case of Newborough Parish, this is East Staffordshire Borough Council’s (ESBC’s) Local


In 2012 Newborough Parish Council successfully applied for a ‘Frontrunner’ grant from Central Government to help produce its NDP. The Parish Council wished to ensure the NNDP represented the wishes of the whole community and so established a Steering Group to facilitate the project and make recommendations on the content of the NNDP. This Steering Group was made up of local residents and business stakeholders, including some Parish Councillors, who were in a minority. External consultants were engaged to facilitate the process.

A lengthy period of public consultation ensued. A first draft was produced but met with strong opposition and new members were invited to join the Steering Group and further public consultation was undertaken. A revised plan was developed which was supported by East Staffordshire Borough Council and approved by an external examiner. This went out to a public referendum in September 2016, with all those on the Electoral Roll in Newborough Parish invited to vote. A large turnout on the day overwhelmingly supported the Newborough Neighbourhood Development Plan and consequently it was deemed "Made" by the Borough Council. It now plays a very important role in determining planning applications within the Parish.

The Plan can be viewed HERE