Well Dressing 2018

Our next Well Dressing/May Day event will take place on Monday 7th May 2018 with the theme of "Heroes & Heroines".

For all information regarding the Well Dressing please visit the Newborough Well Dressing Facebook Page. 

May Day is almost upon us. The Well Dressing team would very much welcome volunteers as follows:

  • “Puddling the clay” will take place on Saturday 28th April from 10.00 in Bob’s field (opposite Squirrels Corner on Yoxall Road.). All welcome including children who normally really enjoy this activity. Wellies and old clothes are a must!   Strong people are needed to carry the completed boards into the Marquee.

  • Petalling commences from Monday 30th (about 10am) in the Marquee through the whole week. All help is welcome even if you can only manage to come for a short time.No experience is necessary. While not wishing to be sexist, this normally appeals to the fairer sex and is a brilliant way to meet - and reconnect with -  friends old and new in the village.

  • Strong volunteers will be needed on Sunday 6th  May to move the well boards into position

If you'd like to get involved, please call John & Helen on 575123 for more information.